Group Classes

MG Fitness has built its name on our Group Exercise program. Our instructors are the best in the area and the classes will give you more variety than you’ll ever dream! Classes are designed for all fitness levels and for all ages, including our  new Silver Sneaker program for seniors.  Secure Horizons and Humana Insurance members can join for free.  So, get involved with MG Fitness Group Exercise program and let us show you how fun diversifying your workouts.

*NEW* MG Fitness in Medford is proud to introduce P.A.T (Performance Athletic Training). This new facility inside of MG Fitness Medford provides a wide variety of customized group exercise classes. Designed for any fitness level, including beginners all the way up to elite athletes, P.A.T. is sure to challenge everyone and provide resources for upward mobility in all of our member’s fitness programs. So come on in and say hello to P.A.T. and discover exactly what your body can achieve. Train how you want…When you want!

Medford Schedules


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Available Programs:

Zumba A fusion of Latin and International music – dance themes creating a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system! The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.
Cardio Fusion
A powerful, intense combination of Step, Lo-Impact and weights or other cardio components. (All fitness levels)
Step It Up
60-minute high intensity, low impact workout. This class involves stepping on and off an adjustable platform while performing upper body movements. Results include fat reduction with increased muscle tone and strength. (All fitness levels)
Step Interval Cross Training class incorporating intervals of Step and intervals of muscle conditioning. Great overall workout. (Intermediate / Advanced)
Total Body Meltdown
Participants are led through exercises to isolate, strengthen and increase muscular endurance using hand-held weights. (All fitness levels)
Cardio Kickboxing A powerful workout containing traditional boxing & kicking moves. Check it out and be prepared to sweat.
Pump 60-minute barbell class designed to work your whole body using barbells with adjustable weights. Workout to highly motivating music. It will change your body! Late arrivals will not be admitted. (Limit to 29)
Pilates A series of postures developed to strengthen the core muscles of the torso.
Power Yoga A choregraphed sequence of postures that flow into one another, building strength and flexibility.
Piloxing *NEW* Uniquely mixes Pilates and boxing moves into a fat torching, muscle sculpting, core-centric interval workout.
Silver Sneakers
A program specific to older adults (65 and older) that allows them to work on their range of motion and physical activity.
Aerobics Director: Dina Gray

Class Guidelines:

The following guidelines were established to provide you with a safe, effective and enjoyable workout.

  1. Please be at class on time. The warmup is an important part of the class & aids in injury prevention.
  2. Enter the classroom only after the previous class has finished.
  3. Hand-held weghts are not allowed during the aerobic section of any class.
  4. Shoes and shirts must be worn in all exercise classes.
  5. Please lockers to store all gym bags and purses. Bags are not allowed in Aerobic Room.
  6. Food is not allowed in the studios. Water may be taken into the classroom.
  7. The use of a towel is recommended.
  8. Remember ALWAYS, work at your own pace.
  9. Return placed weights, steps, etc, to their respective areas
  10. Minimum 4 participants required to conduct all classes.

*Note: No one may enter a class once it has started.