MG Fitness 2.0

January 19, 2011 No Comments by mgfitness

MG Fitness is proud to show off its new website to all members and friends. We are excited to see how easy it is to use and also how clear our message becomes. In addition to the new website, MG Fitness will be launching its MG Point System for all of our members in February. MG Fitness wants to reward its members for participation in all club activities. This point system will reward our members for things such as bringing your scan card to the club, purchasing personal training, and big points awarded for referring new members to the club. Once a member reaches a certain point level, he/she can redeem those points for items in our online catalog, such as nutritional supplements, PT sessions, massage therapy, T-shirts, and much much more. So stay in the loop by checking us out on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Google Buzz us, or watch us on YouTube. See you around the club!

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