Combative Self Defense

Learn real Street Self-Defense with Tarani Training Systems


MG Fitness is excited to announce the latest addition to our Performance Athletic Training program: Combative Street Self Defense.  The program is led by Master Trainer Arthur Tarani and his defense system that he has developed over the last 16 years.  This class is designed to potentially save lives from dangerous encounters in all situations that occur in real life.

Mr. Tarani’s system encompasses all levels and even offers beginners with no experience a tutorial and instructional class to get people comfortable with the concept of defending themselves. This system has led many students over the years out of their fears and into self confidence and the ability to protect themselves and their families.

Bio Picture  Arthur Tarani Background:

Master trainer, Arthur Tarani has been practicing Martial Arts for 40+ years. He started out at the age of 13 and has experience in many different disciplines and styles. Tarani Training systems is a combination of combative mixed martial arts that will condition your body, improve your health, and teach you simple to remember, No-Nonsense street tactics. With 16 years of hard work,  Mr. Tarani has developed his system to enrich his students with the courage and know how, to defend themselves in any situation that may come about from dangerous encounters in real life. He holds numerous black belt certifications and has participated in and won many local martial arts competitions. Arthur says, “The best move in self defense is to keep moving if you can, it’s not about winning in the street, it’s about getting out of danger!”


Program Cost:

  • Monthly Members                              $40/month

(including MG Gold Membership)

  • Fee per Class                                       $10


Class Schedule at MG Fitness

Tuesday     6:00PM-7:00PM          Intro to Self Defense

7:00PM-8:00PM           Advanced Self Defense

Thursday    6:00PM-7:00PM          Advanced Self Defense

7:00PM-8:00PM          Advanced Self Defense


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